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Mbedele Kouassi

(2001-02-21) February 21, 2001 (age 20)
  • Angola (2001–2006)
  • China (2006–present)
  • Cunny poster
  • Chinese spy
  • Goat Farmer
Years active2016–present
Criminal charge(s)6 counts of possession of illicit pornography, 34 counts of bestiality, 31700 tweets
Criminal penaltyDeath
Criminal statusPardoned by SAC Chairman
child belly erotic 😭

Chatian (茶田) is an Angolan-born Chinese national currently living aboard in Myanmar, for unspecified reasons. He is currently residing in an goat farm located underneath the Ocean Supercenter in the City Square Mall in Taunggyi.

Early Life


While still four years old, Chatian was sold into slavery by his family, to a sweatshop owner to make Che Guevera T-shirts. After several years of work at this sweatshop, it was acquired by the Chinese Communist Party as part of their neo-colonialist plans, but the new managers, seeing talent in his work, had him sent to China for more specialized training.

Advanced Learning Program

Chatian was soon admitted into a special education program for dispossessed children to act as spies in foreign nations, though not much is documented about this point in his life. What is know is that he was rapidly granted citizenship, and was first seen in his Burmese residence in 2009.



Chatian has stated several times in the Merchants' Guild that he is a pedophile, and loves cunny, which has led to him being arrested and charged by Chinese authorities, who sentenced him to be executed, though his crime was pardoned by Min Aung Hlaing.

Chatian confessing to being a pedophile.


Chatian has also confessed to have had sex with his goats every night, in his small compartment in the womens' bathroom of the Ocean Supercenter. Though he does also tend to them for other, more legitimate purposes.

Chatian confessing to sodomizing his goats.


Chatian has tweeted more than 31,700 times since the creation of his account in October 2019. This is far worse than Pancake's twitter account.


Has said "i just want a qt kachin gf who wears thanaka" and "i love kachin women".