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Formerly the only janny who actually acts like a moderator (position now taken by ImagineBeingAtComputers). Still can take ages to get a response for a ban though. Owner of Chatian, rapes him daily.

The Anti-Cunny Crusader

A bonafide Harlem resident, being well known for both his enjoyment of fried chicken and watermelon, while at the same time having his whole diet consist only of unseasoned sand (Deathwing's paradox). Deathwing is a janitor hailing from Iraq, famous for his wholesome and accepting personality and hatred for cunny. Deathwing cannot make enough money mopping the floors of general, and instead hauls bags of sand for 30,000 dinars a day. When he is not hauling bags of sand and giving mules inappropriate looks he can be found deleting rancid pictures in general and chilling in various voice chats. Despite his sand hauling endeavors, Deathwing can be found in general quite often, and more importantly may be one of the only remaining janitors who vehemently opposes the ever growing numbers of cunny enthusiasts. Among merchants who aren't pedophiles, Deathwing has become a pariah, wielding his delete image button with the conviction of a Iraqi Royal Guard of old. Deathwing however lives in a constant state of paranoia and worry. Homosexuality being shunned means that him and his australian husband Reggie can never be seen together. Their private video calls have never been observed, but it's rumored that what goes on in them would make Saddam Hussein weep like a child. Jeffrey Dripstein was once asked to comment on their relationship, to which he did not reply and only referred to the interviewer as a "Fat Larper".