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Deniz and his endless internal struggle with deleting cunny and gore in general

Twitch streamer and curator of the merchants guild website and forum. Despite all the work he does he still does not delete gross shit in general because it's "not his job" or because he is "gaming", and the deletion of unsuitable materials takes a backseat priority.

Deniz in the outside world (allegedly)

Deniz made a bot that went berzerk and posted horrific shit to general. Since then many have regarded him correctly as a closeted loli enthusiast, and contender for worst jannie. It is rumored that Sseth only keeps him around because of his ability to manage a website and his ability to give head and throw neck like a brontosaurus. Despite all the negativity surrounding Deniz he is allegedly employed by Sseth, and in comparison I am currently writing this for free, so maybe he is the real winner after all.