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The great african warlord himself, SsethTzeentach.

The antichrist, giga-jew, secret scaly and overlord. He has amassed an entire degenerate fandom consisting of furries, scalies, amerifags, aussies, gamers and worst of all, jews.

He is a YouTube content creator and gamer who has been active since late 2007. Although he started his career with posting League of Legends videos, he has since done a complete 180° in content and carving his niche by making reviews of cult classic games, from Might and Magic VI review in 2014 to more recent titles like UnderRail in 2019.

Meme-laden and humorously edited reviews of games have since become the main videos on his channel, although many of the games that he reviews are enjoyed by him to the point that he is willing to passionately recommend them to his viewers and goes as far as to give installation advice and his personal game keys and going further, if the game isn't even available anymore, he will go out of his way to tell you how to get the content available out there at either dirt cheap rates or absolutely "free".

He is known to be friends and acquaintances with fellow game reviewers UberDanger and MandaloreGaming, both of which share similar humor in their reviews and unsurprisingly share the same audience.

The humor in his videos has frequently been described as something originating from 4chan, having made jokes and satirical potshots against most of the controversial groups of people in the world. He has called himself a manchild on several occasions and many of his videos have crossed the line at least twice. Indeed, many of his early videos are crammed with so many cropped and edited NSFW images, freeze frames, and memes straight from /v/ that it's not unexpected for multiple viewings to be needed in order to spot all of the jokes and references. This has caused a lot of controversy to pop up whenever he makes a new video and sometimes even causes trouble with big companies like 4Kids with his Might and Magic V review in 2020.

Sseth is no stranger to making reviews on games that might seem a bit too outside the norm, having reviewed a fair share of erotic games like Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Evenicle and Overwatch, and he also expressly stated that he plans to review more in the coming days.

Some of his reviews such as Kenshi, Space Station 13, and Starsector have brought large amounts of new players flocking towards their forums and games, and has gotten to the point where some of the developers have explicitly acknowledged him in-game and outside of which. Sseth has risen to the point that whenever he reviews a game, that particular game can be expected to receive a rise in popularity as well as sales to the respective game company.