Second Merchant Civil War

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The Second Merchant Civil War, was a short and pitiful conflict lasting only a day between the 27th to 28th of May 2021 was fought between various factions of the Merchant Guild. These 4 factions were the Pedophile cunny posters, the degenerate tomboy coomers, the disgusting furfags and a small group of niggers who watch dragonball.

The final results


This pitiful excuse of a conflict was of course fabricated by the jannies who had grown bored and wanted to recreate the first civil war. The tomboy south faction was victorious by a massive margin spurred on by a large number of newfags tricked into larping as great defenders of south general. In the end though everyone with a pair of balls picked a side, except for SteveOcean who decided to cower from the competition, unable to decide which flavour of retard degenerate he was.

After only a day head jannie Deniz called off the war, having grown bored of the autism he created and declared the Tomboy faction the winners with over a thousand members. He then granted them the power to nickname everyone and spam porn in General. After taking that power from the rest of the teams. The Tomboys under lead by the Australian Basileus began naming every member of the cunny posters Pedophile and every member of the Dragonball team to Nigger.


Once the dust had settled and all was done the Merchants quickly turned against their Jannie overlords, a new Jannie list had been aquired, the entire affair was declared unfunny and cringe by the oldfags and many Merchants now call for Deniz to be fired for wasting their time with this autistic event.