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The Canadian Legend

The Leaf Behind it All

Mogobe, sometimes known by his more proper name Lord "venom" McNigger Mogobe is a fren. He resides in Canada and has a crippling addiction to the Canuck's one weakness: Menthol Cigarettes. At several points in the Guild's history has he held the record for highest number of "nigger"s, numbering over 43,000 at his peak and at one point being responsible for at least a third of the total N-word count. He became one of the few merchant campfire legends overnight. Mogobe is one of the most treasured autists of the merchants guild, and a good fren to all (except maybe Chomsky). A great shitposter and one to be reckoned with, he has now relaxed after realizing his N-word counts were being removed at an increasing rate by jannies.

Mogobe (as of May 2021) has moved on to a new signature meme, the "fren" emote, more specifically a variation of the funny yellow dog. Mogobe is a consistent and delightful shitposter, though it is but a cold facade for a tortured man afflicted by an icy cold drug addiction. Despite his demons, Mogobe remains extremely based and retains an encyclopedic knowledge of SpongeBob quotes.

He remains an excellent upstanding merchant and a beacon of frenship for many.


  • Mogobe is one of the most outspoken haters of redditors, I'm pretty sure he's been responsible for many recent disappearances.
  • Mogobe types every one of his "nigger"s manually.
  • Koofman has his saucy feet pix.
  • He is racist.
  • I am a schizophrenic and a cocaine addict.
  • He has a cat. The cat is also a fren.