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Linkan's infamous fishnets he posted to general

Linkan is an unfunny Swedish "man" plagued by a perpetual yellow tint. His boyfriend went blind from untreated syphilis however and does not mind this at all, even if he does occasionally make Linkan wear a brown paper bag for the sake of trying to remember a simpler time.

Being an unironic and chronic cross dresser, he made the mistake of sharing his degeneracy with general, which has haunted him ever since. He is a closeted furry, and owns the most amount of dildos and other devices for anal pleasure within the guild (though it should be noted the metrics used to measure this found an uncomfortable amount owned by the merchants inquired, regardless of presumed sexual orientation).

If asked if Linkan suffers from jaundice he will often reply "Bouncing jaundice dick", which usually elicits a feeling of unexplained suicidal tendency from the one who begged the question.

Linkan may yet be redeemed from his life of degeneracy, and the sun may shine on him once again, unfortunately for now it will just give him a sunburn in the shape of fishnets.