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Darbo's face.jpg
Darbo's face from 8 years ago.
Darby Bellisle
  • Selling Blood Plasma
  • Chronic masturbator
Criminal charge(s)137 images of furry commission art
Criminal penaltyDeath
Why Darbo left the 6th time.

A furry whose fetishes included inflation, feet and many other vileness. He donated plasma blood in order to fund his commissions and claims that he looks worse than he did in his YouTube videos. Ever since he's had a job and a car, he's been walking barefoot. In the forums, he has listed an imgur gallery having all of his commission art. Darbo left the discord recently due to his feelings of being ignored and having no image perms.

Reese's Cups

Why the heck to do people pronounce reese's cups as ree-cees??? who the hell does that, i mean seriously d-do you not know your american heritage-uh in the early 1900s? it's pronounced reese's, get it right. or don't go to dairy queen. don't buy any. alright, or yknow what better yet better yet eat only reese's product stuff even though it's owned originally by hershey's, eat only reese's for a while so you can stop calling them REE-CEES! now i don't know what way to stare at this iphone camera so i will get off now. as i said it's not REE-CEES it's REESE'S! MMMMMMM

Current Status

fag has left the server again for the 7th time or so, seems like the notifications disturbed his molestation routines or something